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Rainbow Angels Nurseries provide the best care to children thanks to a dedicated, caring and professional team. I can only recommend this nursery as the best place to provide a safe environment for your children to discover a large variety of activities with their practitioners.

- Guillaume Pichot, July 2022


My daughter was forced to move nursery many times due to nursery closure in this area. Thinking back it was fortunate that our previous nursery closed so we get to join Rainbow Angels. The teacher to children ratio is small so kids get a lot more attention from the well-trained staffs. We received almost hourly updates of every meal, snack, toilet, and sleep she has been doing during the day, and there are lots of lovely photo updates every day via their app. We used to get barely 1 photo update every fortnight in the previous nursery she attended. They have a large private outdoor garden, and a children's playground next door, so plenty of outdoor play which my daughter loves. Highly recommended.

- J C, April 2022


It’s great that a new nursery has finally opened in this area as there has been a complete lack of preschool facilities around here for a while. The nursery interior has been renovated with brand new teaching equipment and lots of new toys and books. The teachers are very engaged, caring and professional.

- CM, April 2022


My daughter joined Rainbow Angels at six months of age. I was worried that she would not know she was loved, that she would not sleep or eat enough, that her diaper would stay wet, that what she ate might not be tailored to a baby who just started weaning. Instead, staff have been absolutely wonderful with us. We have felt heard and supported every step of the way - from sharing pictures, to using the wipes and cream we provided, to increasing nap time, allowing my little girl to do Baby Led Weaning, preparing tummy time environments for her - truly the care and responsiveness could not have been warmer. I wish I could care for my baby every hour of every day, and since I can't, it's a huge relief to know that she is in the care of such kind and generous people. As I speak to parents who wait outside to pick up their kids, it's clear that this impression is shared.

- Virginia Patania, March 2022

Absolutely fantastic nursery. Our son attended for just under three years, and he loved it from the start. It's in a perfect setting, quiet and far from any busy road, the outside space is great and the inside is set up really well. The staff are fantastic - friendly, caring and professional. A real standout nursery, thoroughly recommend.

- Stu Toll, January 2022


Our daughter started at Rainbow Angels aged 15 months and she loved it right from the first few days. Every member of staff is caring, kind and super fun. We always felt happy and reassured leaving her in their capable hands. We loved seeing the daily updates and photos. Finley loved the outdoor space, making friends, and all the imaginative and messy activities. There was no problem at all with our requirement for a vegan diet, it was all taken in their stride. Sadly we are moving house and so have to move nursery too. We wish we could take Rainbow Angels with us!

Thank you for giving Finley such a great start. And especially to her key people, Suzie, Shalia and Julia, all brilliant.                             

- C Gaynor, September 2021


My son is just about to leave Rainbow Angels as we are moving out of the area, and I'm so sad about it! Placing your children in the care of others is obviously very nerve-wracking and I remember when I viewed Rainbow Angels over two and a half years ago how relieved I was that after so many visits I had quite obviously found the perfect place for my little boy, run with so much care for the children and so much thoughtfulness and attention to detail. Having looked at a lot of nurseries in our new area, I'm reminded again just what a gem Rainbow Angels is. I wish I was able to keep my son here and enroll my daughter too! Thank you for taking such good care of my boy for the last couple of years. I will miss Rainbow Angels and I know he will too.                                                                                                                                     

- Nicola Edwards, September 2021

Our daughter has been going to Rainbow Angels for a few months now and is really enjoying herself here. The staff are all so incredibly friendly and caring and our little one is always so happy when we come to collect her. I couldn’t recommend them more!

- Anika Jagot, August 2021


My daughter has attended Rainbow Angels since October/November 2020. She loves it there, the staff are so caring and nurturing there’s no other place I would have chosen for her first taste of schooling.

- Fahmida Begum, August 2021


Our son was at Rainbow Angels for three months before we moved to a different area and we were so sad to leave. The team were so wonderful and our son was so happy there. I can’t recommend it enough.

- Victoria Ainsworth, August 2021


Our son has been going to Rainbow Angels since he was 8 months old (he's now almost 3) and it has been great! Staff are so lovely, kind and friendly, and they always have brilliant activities for the kids to enjoy. Our little one loves it and is thriving. So pleased to be part of the Rainbow Angels family!                                                                                                                                                                                                               

- Cecile Pichot, May 2021


Fantastic nursery. Very well run and the staff are lovely                                                                                                                                             

- Michelle Mullen, May 2021

If there is one thing to keep from our review: GO FOR IT ! This nursery is more than fabulous ! As a first time mum i was sooo worried to let someone else look after my 7 months baby... Who would take care for him with the love and attention of a mum?! Well, let me tell you, there are a lot of great persons there to do it ! Even if your baby has his own key person to look after him, each caretaker there knows and values your child and you can feel it when he comes back home happy, curious and full of joy ! From welcoming him each morning, feeding him, having fun and meaningful activities for him to sending him home with you... EVERYTHING is done with care. AND IF for any irrational reason (let me tell you i had a lot of them) you need to make sure that he's okay, you have their special app to give you all the news about what he's doing: if he ate well, slept well, his activities, etc.. and as a bonus a ton of pictures to keep some good memories. The feeling seems to be shared by other parents as i see them coming back with their second child ????.. 

The nursery is big and the garden is a great plus as they are playing outdoors whenever the weather is good. A special mention to Miss Suzy (THE second maman and this says it all), Miss Monica (Morocco ! ) , Miss Shalia (for her special care and the great activities) and Miss Jessica as they were the first ones to make my son's experience so special. To Miss Marlene and Miss Victoria (Soulay, Soulay, we love you !) for their daily enthusiasm, advices and jokes making our nursery experience so meaningful. To Miss Diana for her endless support and availability. To Miss Rose, Miss Shyla, Miss Narynder and Miss Lutfa for their help all along. I could go on and on as there are a lot of reasons to choose this nursery but if you are looking for a place where your child can grow having fun, with love and care to be his bestself then have faith ! What a great decision we made 1 year ago!                                                                                                                                                                                    

- Soumaya A Alaoui, April 2021

My son has been at Rainbow Angels since Jun 2018, when he was 2 years old. An absolutely delightful nursery, full of fun, life and colour. Brilliantly friendly and committed staff and I felt very confident leaving my son there. The staff give excellent feedback everyday about his activities.  

- Esther Sanchez, September 2020


We love Rainbow Angels! Our daughter has been going there for just over a year now and we can really see how well she’s developed and thrived. She loves going to nursery and is always looking forward to seeing her friends and teachers. The staff put together a great variety of engaging activities for the kids which always have education purposes while having fun. The outdoor space is really nice, and we like the fact that the area is very quiet. We think that it’s an ideal setting for our daughter and the staff really go the extra mile for the kids, while always being supportive and happy to chat with the parents. There’s a real ethos in place and it shows in the great atmosphere there is at the nursery.

- Cecilia Bouenissa, August 2020


Our baby boy has been at Rainbow Angels for over a year and joined when he is was 5 months old and we couldn’t be happier! The nursery has a lot of space for kids to play indoor and outdoor, the staff is kind, warm, dedicated and very knowledgable.

- Marieke Flament, August 2020

We’re really thankful we found the Rainbow Angels nursery for our daughter. All the staff is amazing and you can clearly see that they love to take care of the children. I also really love the app which gives some notifications of what she eats, how long she sleeps and some photos of her day which never fail to give me a big smile at work. I don’t think we could have found a better place for her!

- Yannick, June 2020

Our daughter has been going to Rainbow Angels since the age of 11 months. From her first day, she has truly enjoyed the nursery. The staff is absolutely amazing taking such good care of the children. They are so loving, caring and smiling, I feel so safe as a mother that my daughter is in safe hands enjoying her time. Everyday we get updates on how her day goes, what she is eating, what they are doing (activities), naps, toileting and photographs. It always makes me so happy to get the updates because I can see that she is taking care of so well. The food is very varied and nutritious, the daily menu looks amazing and we can see that the varied food has made her less of a fussy eater which is great! They are celebrating the children’s birthdays and different cultural traditions which we think is super positive!! Everyday the children have so many different activities and we can see how much our daughter develops week on week. The facilities are very clean with lots of toys and great areas to play.

Diana and the staff are so accommodating and always very collaborative and supportive. I couldn’t rate our nursery higher, we feel so lucky and fortunate to have found this gem! Every evening when we are picking up our daughter she is smiling and laughing, it truly warms my heart!!

- Louise, June 2020

Our daughter started at Rainbow Angels when she was 9 months old. The staff's caring and individualised care ensured she settled down and was happy at nursery from the earliest possible point. The whole time she was at Rainbow Angels, she was very happy, and we have been very impressed with the way the staff tracked her development. She got amazing opportunities to go on trips, and to take part in beautiful nursery plays and shows. She has been exposed to a wide variety of cultures and food, which has only been a good thing. We are very sad to have taken her out of nursery as we are relocating for work purposes, but we know our daughter has benefitted tremendously from the experience. I would highly recommend to all parents considering childcare, and already do to friends who are looking for nurseries. Fantastic!

- Nick Crizzle, January 2020

Our daughter Margot has attended Rainbow Angels for about a year and I can’t say enough how impressed we are with the care and attention she is given! By far, this is true jewel to find: the staff really love their job and you always see them with a smile, this is the only nursery we’ve been that doesn’t allow outside shots in the play/sleep area which is a HUGE plus if you are looking for a clean place for your child to be in. They feed children often and a delicious menu is offered. The activities are well thought through and various, you child will develop mentally very fast and will not be bored. And the lovely bonus is an app where you can see everything about your child’s day and even catch some photos! Simply incredible place, one of a kind.                                                                                                                                                    

- Zlata Buyukdoganay, September 2019

Our daughter has been attending Rainbow Angels for a year and a half and she really enjoys it. We can see she has been flourishing there and the staff and managers are caring and as parents we also feel part of the nursery. We have been since they have opened and even with those challenges they have been excellent and we are happy to see that other people share these views and the nursery is quite busy now! One of the highlights has been the ballet/dance lessons that our daughter is joining 2x a week. Their garden area is fantastic and there is easy storage for buggies etc.
Thanks to all at Rainbow Angels for being so helpful and making our lives easier, we highly recommend this nursery.                                   
- Carol, August 2019

The Rainbow Angels ladies are so wonderful and caring! They take such a great care of our baby daughter, with joy and dedication. They pay close attention to her individual needs. And that it’s why she feels so happy and comfortable when she is at the nursery. Her keen interest for music and rhythm is encouraged every day through group singing and playing. We’d highly recommend the nursery for its high education standards, the quality of toys and games, facilities and home-made food they’re serving..                                                                                    

- Alexandra, February 2019 


Our daughter has been going to Rainbow Angels for almost a year now. She loves it and really enjoys her time here. What sets Rainbow Angels apart in our view is their amazing staff. It is like having a really-caring-extended-family that is looking after your little one. As well, Rainbow Angels have always accommodated our last minute requests for extra hours or change of days which were live savers for us. We couldn't recommend them highly enough!                                                                                                                                                                                   

- Dan M, February 2019


Our child has had a wonderful start to her life with Rainbow Angels. She is really happy to be left there each time. They helped her take some of her first steps and genuinely care for her well being. We never have any concerns about leaving her with them.                                     

- Brian, December 2018