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Rainbow Angels Nurseries work in partnership with parents, guardians and carers to tailor learning and development plans for each child. We communicate significant developments/changes at the nursery to parents in writing if it affects our provision of services to your child.  

Parents are always welcome to spend time in our nursery and to discuss their child’s progress and development with the child’s Key Person and the Nursery Manager.  We provide parents with regular progress updates and encourage parents to take an active role in continuing at home learning activities with their child.  Rainbow Angels Nurseries support parents with at home learning resources that allow you and your child to spend time together whilst he or she develops various early learning skills.


Security Password

We request that parents provide a security password to be used by the parent or a guardian when communicating with the nursery about a child.  Information will not be disclosed to anyone, requesting information about a child, who is unable to provide the password.  The nursery will require the password to be provided by new people (unauthorised persons) collecting children from the nursery, in addition to photographic identification.


Medical Illnesses & Administration Of Medication

Where children are ill and should be at home or have any contagious illnesses they are not to be taken to the nursery, to avoid infecting other children, until they are sufficiently recovered to return to the nursery.  Depending on the type of illness a doctor’s note may be required confirming that your child is sufficiently recovered to return to the nursery.  Where your child has an infectious illness the nursery is guided by Public Health England timeline for their absence from the nursery.

Where children are suffering from minor non-contagious ailments and are required to take medication, prescribed by a doctor, during their time at the nursery parents must sign a consent form for the nursery to administer medication to their child.  The nursery will keep proper records of all medicine administered.  Medicines provided to the nursery must be in there original containers and packaging and should be clearly labelled and within date.

Where your child suffers from ongoing conditions such as allergic reactions, asthma and epilepsy, emergency medication must be taken with the child to the nursery, otherwise the child cannot be received for that nursery session until such medication is provided.  Parents should note any conditions and or ailments suffered by their child in the Child Registration Form.