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Rainbow Angels Nursery Whitechapel provides full and part-time private day care, sessional classes, breakfast clubs, afterschool clubs and holiday clubs for children aged 3 months to 11 years old. Our nursery & learning centre is designed to stimulate imagination and encourage social interactions between children. Children move between different zones in the rooms to participate in various teacher-led activities or independent play.  There are indoor and outdoor areas to facilitate formal and informal group learning, where appropriate for interaction of the different age groups.

The nursery has its own exclusive outdoor play area that extends the opportunities for fun, learning and social development for all children.  At least one outdoor activity is planned daily for all children, weather permitting, to promote an active and healthy lifestyle.

There are also garden boxes for children to experience growing their own food and flowers.

Local Outings & Visits

Children are taken out for walks in the local community, including to food markets, parks and other venues that are suitable for their development.

We invite professionals from the local community, such as policemen, fire fighters or nurses, to visit our nursery to talk with the children.

Parents are notified of local outings and visits in advance. Walkodile safety systems, where appropriate, and high visibility vests are used on trips and outings.

Spitalfields City Farm

Spitalfields City Farm is an urban oasis that brings the countryside to the city, providing educational and environmental opportunities for children to learn in a relaxed and enjoyable way. The farm keeps a selection of farm and pet animals and has developed gardens and growing areas, providing an ideal resource for hands on learning for your child.

As the farm is 0.1 mile from the nursery, regular visits to the farm will be part of the curriculum to allow children to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity that is 'right on their door step'.

Day Trips

We plan various day trips each year as part of our educational curriculum. These trips may include visits to the zoo, farms and museums, and other age appropriate venues that children will find fun and educational. Walkodile safety systems, where appropriate, and high visibility vests are used on trips and outings.

Parents are notified of trips and outings in advance. These trips and outings are optional and the cost of such trips are exclusive of the Fees, however the nursery will provide packed lunches.