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Rainbow Angels Nurseries Fees are reviewed annually and we reserve the right to increase our Fees.   Parents will receive one month’s notice prior to any Fee increase becoming effective.

Registration Fee

A non-refundable Registration Fee of £75 is payable on registration for a place at the nursery, and payment should be submitted with the Child Registration Form.


Rainbow Angels Nurseries are private day nurseries and Nursery Fees, Breakfast Club Fees and Afterschool Club Fees are payable throughout the year by Direct Debit or Standing Order with the exception of the first month’s Fee which will be made by direct payment into the nursery’s bank account.  Direct Debits will then be collected/Standing Orders should be paid, monthly in advance on the 15th of each month.  These Fees are subject to the following conditions:

  • •      a completed Direct Debit must be submitted to the Nursery Manager once you have been offered and accepted a place for your            child or the equivalent Standing Order should be set up by you as agreed with the nursery

  • •     any amendments to the Direct Debit mandate or Standing Order must be received by the nursery at least 2 months prior to the          change taking effect

  • •     an administration charge of £30 will be made for payments refused by your bank or not received on the due date if paid by                  Standing Order

  • •    should you terminate your Direct Debit or Standing Order payments to the nursery, the nursery will withdraw its provision of          services to your child

  • •      the Deposit, one month's nursery fee, must be paid to the nursery.  Should you fail to confirm your acceptance and pay the Deposit       within 5 calendar days we shall assume that you no longer require a place at the nursery and remove your child’s name from the      waiting list and this place may be allocated to another child. This Deposit may be refunded upon your child leaving the nursery,         however any outstanding payments owing to the nursery will be deducted from the Deposit

  • •       Rainbow Angels Nurseries offer a 10% discount to siblings of children already attending the nursery

All Nursery Fees are inclusive of meals, snacks, formula milk, nappies, and wipes.  There is a charge for these items for children accessing a free entitlement only place at the nursery. Healthy snacks are provided for children accessing Government Funded places and Afterschool Clubs. Please speak to the Nursery Manager for further details.

Holiday Club Fees are to be paid in advance, at the time of booking and Fees are inclusive of a hot meal and healthy snacks. 

Please download a copy of our Fees & Charges

Government Funded Places

Government Funded places at Rainbow Angels Nurseries are limited to availability.  Eligible 2 years old, and all 3 and 4 years old are entitled to 15 hours of free early years’ education per week across 38 weeks of the year, a maximum of 570 hours per year and 30 hours for 3 and 4 years old of eligible working parents.  Parents may choose where they wish to use this entitlement, whether with a single registered provider or a maximum of 2 providers in the same day.  Should a parent decide to use more than one registered provider the weekly-entitled hours shall be pro-rata between the providers.  The Registration Fee and Deposit are required to be paid for purely Government Funded places taken at the nursery.

Attendance for a Government Funded place for your child is set out in the nursery’s offer to you and fits in with the nursery’s planned sessions and times.  

Rainbow Angels Nursery will submit the claim form for the free hours and parents must provide all information required by the nursery for completion of the claim form.

Should you accept a place at the nursery that is part Government funded, the Government Funding will be deducted from your monthly Nursery Fees, which will be payable in keeping with our Nursery Fees terms and conditions. 

Healthy snacks are provided for purely Government Funded places taken up.

Refund Policy

Your Rainbow Angels Nursery will not refund Fees due to:

  • •       non-attendance by your child regardless of illness, holidays, or other reasons
  • •       severe weather conditions, or any emergency situation

Suspension Or Termination Of Services

Rainbow Angels Nurseries reserve the right to withdraw or to terminate our services to your child for non-payment of Fees or where the nursery considers it appropriate to do so.

Termination Notice

Parents are required to provide the nursery with a term’s written notice for the termination of their contract with the nursery or for a change in the services provided to their child.  The nursery will confirm receipt of the termination or amendment notice in writing to the parent within 5 calendar days of receipt.