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Our nurseries work in partnership with parents, guardians and the community to deliver the best possible care and early years development for each child’s learning experiences.  Parents are always welcome to spend time in our nurseries and to discuss their child’s progress and development with the child’s Key Person and the Nursery Manager.  We provide parents with regular progress updates and support parents with at home learning resources to allow you and your child to spend time together whilst he or she develop various skills.

Staff are fully qualified and vetted in keeping with regulatory requirements.  Our curriculum is designed to optimise learning through free play and structured learning including EYFS statutory framework, the Development Matters and Ofsted requirements, whilst providing each child with individual attention to generate trust, independence and a sense of love and security.

Our rooms and facilities are equipped with resources that are appropriate to your child’s age and stage of development and appropriate sized furniture including tables, chairs, low sinks and toilets.  We encourage children’s creativity and independence and promote healthy lifestyles with our meals, and snacks and through various indoor and outdoor physical sessions.