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Rainbow Angels Nurseries provide excellent nutritionally balance meals daily, taking into account any special dietary requirements of the children in our care, and seasonal availability.  The nurseries are guided by the Children’s Food Trust ‘Eat Better, Start Better’ programme; this ensures that children are provided with their daily nutrition requirement including their recommended 5-a-day portions of fruits and vegetables. Children accessing funded sessional classes are provided with healthy snacks and a nominal amount is charged for main meals. 

Food must not be taken to the nursery, as the nursery will provide all meals and snacks consumed by children at the nursery.  

The nurseries have a Healthy Eating Policy, and children learn about healthy eating and its benefits.  Children are encouraged to be independent in feeding themselves, however staff will offer assistance where needed.



A number of children suffer from allergies, therefore nuts or foods containing nuts are not allowed on nursery premises. 


Weekly Meal Plan

Our Weekly Meal Plans are accessible on our Nursery App under your Parent Login or on the nursery's Parent Notice Board.